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  • 3d laser scanning
  • 3d laser scanning
  • 3d laser scanning
  • 3d laser scanning
  • 3d laser scanning
  • 3d laser scanning

This page provides an overview of Bimsurveys Ltd.’s services in order to create accurate 3D BIM models. First, it is important to understand the process by which we go from initial client proposal through to the end BIM deliverable.

The Process:

  1. Agree with client the exact scope of works, detail required and deliverables
  2. Establish site survey control / integrate with client’s existing coordinate scheme
  3. Carry out site works which may include 3D laser scanning, conventional robotic total station surveys, GPS control, underground utility mapping etc.
  4. Optionally collect high resolution photographic imagery using either onboard cameras or external digital sensors.
  5. Import, clean, QA and register (combine) the scan point clouds.
  6. Create 3D BIM model using REVIT
  7. Produce any additional deliverables required by the client
  8. Archive the BIM model and raw data for the life cycle of the building project.
  9. Step 3 of the above process is usually 3D laser scanning, but can include one or more of our other technical capabilities depending on the client requirements. Below is a brief overview of our specific 3D survey services:


3D BIM models – modelling of the point data into industry standard file formats for packages such as Revit. AutoCAD etc.

3D Point Clouds in a variety of industry standard formats including .las .pts .ptx .pcg .pod .txt etc. which are registered and optionally co-ordinated to a National Grid system.

Animated fly-throughs – if the end deliverable is visualisation of a scanned environment, we can deliver HD quality movie files, and if needed, incorporate planned design features as well.

3D Analysis of Clash Detection for proposed designs (e.g. pipes) within models of existing environments.

2D Elevation drawings: using high definition point clouds we can extract detailed 2D linework elevation drawings that are delivered in .dwg / .dxf format or alternatively scaled ortho photograph elevations of the cleaned scan data.

2D Floor Plans / Sections: using the registered point cloud, we can extract detailed floor plans and sections from any part of a building.

Fully rendered visualisations – from the 3D laser scan data, we can visualise the data from any viewpoint to provide detailed graphics of existing structures / environments and optionally incorporate design elements.

Topographical Surveys – geographical features surrounding a building are as much of a BIM project as the building itself. We can combine 3D scan data with existing LiDAR and GPS surveys to provide topographical contours or other custom datasets (e.g. TIN meshes).

Leica Truview – many end users are familiar with the Leica Truview system of online viewing / marking up of pointclouds. We are able to convert our 3D laser scan surveys into Truview (or other online viewers such as Faro Webshare).

Free 3D viewers – we can work with all of the growing list of free 3D model viewers, including online viewers that can be embedded into a client’s website. View examples here.

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