3d laser

3D Laser Scanning Specialists

Bimsurveys Ltd. is an experienced team of surveyors and technicians using the latest 3D laser Scanning and imaging technology to produce accurate, detailed models of buildings and their environment.

Our 3D laser scan surveys yield point clouds (either raw or as fully processed deliverables including CAD / REVIT models) that form a basis for BIM systems.

3D Surveyors & Geospatial Engineers

A 3D laser scan survey and resulting BIM models offer the following benefits to our customers:

  • increase understanding of the as-built environment
  • increase productivity and reduce costs
  • integrate existing and planned environment data
  • provide an accurate digital archive that can be shared with all stakeholders
  • reduced risk due to laser scan surveys being carried out remotely

As more and more design and build projects aim to meet the Government’s 2016 BIM mandate, Bimsurveys Ltd. is able to rapidly mobilise to undertake high quality measurements provide the fundamental basis for BIM projects ranging from restorations, new builds, refurbishment and demolition. Read More

What is BIM?

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a term used to describe the visual digital representation of a building as well as data about its function. A BIM model represents a shared knowledge resource for all information about a building that is used to aid decision making at all stages of its lifecycle.

From the earliest design stages, construction phases, working life, through to demolition BIM software can increase productivity and improve efficiency.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) covers geographical information, geometric and spatial relationships, building component properties and facilities management.

The UK Government has embarked on a collaborative BIM initiative with industry so that by 2016, all publicly funded projects will be BIM compliant.

Bimsurveys Ltd. specialise in the 3D digital documentation and representation of buildings and other structures in formats that can be integrated by end user clients.